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Ornaments Too Low? Need A Lift For The Holidays? Breast Lift Surgery Can Provide the Cure


Cosmetic plastic surgery can be generally characterized by three types of procedures. Plastic surgeons make big things smaller, small things bigger, and we pick up what falls down. The latter is a common consequence of the breast aging process.


The most common cosmetic breast performed by plastic surgeons is augmentation. However, for some patients the problem is not size, but rather position of the breasts and nipples. Breast droopiness occurs for two reasons; gravity and skin quality. Gravity, the plastic surgeon’s best friend, cannot be changed. Skin quality is impacted by many variables. Things like pregnancies, weight fluctuations and genetics all play a role in the tone of a woman’s breast skin.


The Diagnosis

            The first step to determine the correct breast procedure is a thorough and honest consultation. Breast lift surgery creates significant scarring which must be factored into the decision. The two most common measurements taken at the examination are the distance from the midline neck notch to the nipple, and the distance from the nipple to the crease at the bottom of the breast. These help the surgeon choose the best procedure for each patient.


Treatment Options


Women with breast measurements that exceed the ideal for their figure are candidates for breast lift surgery, also called mastopexy. Several options exist for mastopexy, each with varying degrees of scarring. The patient should consult with a plastic surgeon experienced with these options and be able to see photographic examples of each surgery.


The most common type of breast lift is the classic “anchor” or Wise pattern. The procedure raises the nipple-areola (which can also be reduced in diameter), tightens the skin to make the breast perkier, and recreates a shapelier teardrop silhouette. A variation of this technique is the LeJour, or “lollipop” scar procedure.


A less common, but very valuable procedure is the peri-areolar lift because it carries far less scarring than the other options. It is also known as the Benelli lift, named after the French plastic surgeon who initially described the technique. It is especially useful for women seeking a limited scarring breast lift with simultaneous implant augmentation. The technique is difficult to master and is not offered by all plastic surgeons.


Mastopexy surgery can enhance a woman’s figure. Some women may choose to change size as well. It can be combined with breast augmentation or reduction. However, breast lift should be carefully considered only after consultation with a plastic surgeon experienced in the various options.

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Dr. Perez is a member of the NOVO National Council of Leaders in Breast Aesthetics. He has served as a consultant for both Mentor (J&J) and Inamed (Allergan), leading breast implant manufacturers. Dr. Perez has lectured internationally on the subject of breast lift surgery and has been selected among the Castle Connolly (U.S. News & World Report) America’s Top Doctors. More information is available at or call (954) 351-2200. Visit our website blog to learn about The Dirty Little Secrets of Plastic Surgery.


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