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Breast Augmentation: Adequate vs. Awesome


Breast augmentation surgery is the most commonly performed surgical procedure in plastic surgery. In 2011 over 300,000 breast implant procedures were performed in the U.S., representing an increase over the previous two years.

Most of these procedures were performed by board certified plastic surgeons. However, as with most aesthetic surgery, these credentials are sometimes insufficient to achieve the best outcome. An eye for beauty and balance, as well as a good ear for patients’ desires, are just as important.

Patients are often lured by “free consultations” and car dealer-type discounts. However, simply putting in implants to enlarge the breast mound is not enough. Cleavage, implant pocket sculpting and nipple-areolar position are just a few of the many important fine points that cannot be overlooked if a woman is to achieve her personal best. Bikini season is here, so let’s talk about the difference between just an adequate breast augmentation and an awesome one.


It’s All About the Cleavage


Cleavage, the separation between the breasts, is an important part of a woman’s breast appearance. It therefore follows that a goal of augmentation surgery should be to narrow, and improve, the breast cleavage. I am often surprised by surgeons at conferences, or on their websites, who tout great results, yet show a wider cleavage gap after than in the before photos. Placing the breast implant closer towards the center of the chest can be a challenge for some surgeons because of the complex anatomy of the area. Nevertheless, an attractive cleavage makes a better result.


Drifting: the Breast Implant Kind


A significant portion of our practice is dedicated to corrective surgery for patients who are unhappy with their original augmentation. I have observed a common condition where the breast augmentation pocket is too far out and the implants fall towards the armpits when the patient lays flat. I call it drifting. Drifting is definitely not an attractive bikini beach look. The good news is that we have had great success in correcting this problem. Readers can visit our website for examples of before and after pictures of our corrective procedure.


And Don’t Forget the Nipples


Part of a thorough consultation for breast augmentation is analysis of the patient’s nipple-areola. Sometimes these important structures do not fall in a symmetrical and ideal position. If the patient desires, the areola can be modified or repositioned at the time of augmentation to achieve a more appealing result. Fine points in breast augmentation make the difference between just an adequate result and an awesome one. Take the time and effort to research the right plastic surgeon in order to achieve your personal best.


About the Author:


Dr. Perez is a member of the NOVO National Council of Leaders in Breast Aesthetics. He has served as a consultant for both Mentor (J&J) and Inamed (Allergan), leading breast implant manufacturers. Dr. Perez has lectured internationally on the subject of breast surgery and has been selected among the Castle Connolly (U.S. News & World Report) America’s Top Doctors. More information is available at or call (954) 351-2200. Visit our website blog to learn about The Dirty Little Secrets of Plastic Surgery.


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