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Plastic Surgery, Diet and Exercise: 3 Coins in the Fountain…of Youth

            Plastic surgery is more popular now than ever before. However, many misconceptions exist about the role of plastic surgery and overall wellness. We often see patients who believe that surgery is the solution to an overweight or sedentary lifestyle. The reality is that plastic surgery, diet and exercise are all pieces of the puzzle. The best results are achieved when each piece is correctly applied.


Eat Right


A well balanced, varied and moderate diet is both healthy and necessary to maintain ideal body weight. Patients sometimes think that liposuction is a treatment to remove large volumes of fat. Liposuction is not intended to be a treatment for obesity. In fact, fat is not very dense tissue so the weight of liposuction fat is often only a few pounds, hardly a dent in an overweight patient.


I often recommend that overweight patients work with nutritionists to reach a reasonable weight before considering surgery. The ideal body contour candidate is at a good weight and in physical shape.


Get to the Gym

            Another misconception is that “If I just have a six pack chiseled into my abdomen by a plastic surgeon I don’t have to do crunches”. Wrong. Exercise is critical to developing a lean, well defined physique as well as improving overall fitness. Zumba moms, spin fanatics and ballroom dancers are among our most common patients because they are fit, lean and want to look as good as they feel. We often work in tandem with personal trainers to achieve the best results.


So What’s Plastic Surgery For?

            Diet is to maintain weight. Exercise is for fitness and definition. So where does plastic surgery fit in? Well, I like to define plastic surgery as three types of procedures; we make big things smaller, we make small things bigger, and we pick up what Mother Nature causes to fall down.


Here are a few examples of the more common procedures we perform. Breast augmentation is common for women in such good shape that they’ve lost their breast fat. Breast reduction (for women or men) or breast lift may be necessary if there is too much tissue or loose skin. Tummy tucks are common among moms or yo-yo dieters because neither diet nor exercise will eliminate the stretch marks or tighten the loose belly skin and muscles. Liposuction is best for stubborn areas such as love handles and outer thigh saddle bags. And facial rejuvenation surgery such as eyelids, face and neck lifts help the face look as youthful as the body.

So remember the fountain of youth requires all three; diet, exercise and plastic surgery. One is not a substitute for the others. However, as with all plastic surgery, a skilled, experienced surgeon, a safe facility, and a competent anesthesiologist are also key to a successful outcome.


About the Doctor:


Dr. Perez has been selected among Castle Connolly/U.S. News and World Report’s America’s Top Doctors (again for 2012-2013). He has lectured internationally and been featured as a plastic surgery expert for major media outlets. Surgery is performed at the Broward Health Weston facility.

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It’s Thanksgiving: Time To Deal With The Turkey…Neck

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Jorge A. Perez, M.D., F.A.C.S.

            One of the most common areas requested for plastic surgery improvement by both women and men is the neck. Youth and attractiveness are defined by a strong jawline and a firm, clean neckline.


The aging process in the neck usually starts by age 40 and is affected by several components: the skin, bones and cartilage, and the underlying soft tissue, including the muscles and fat. Treatment options will depend upon the correct evaluation of each of these elements.


Jaw surgery or chin implants can help compensate for a bony profile deficiency. These procedures however can be complicated and should be approached cautiously with experienced surgeons.


Younger patients with excess neck fat alone and good skin tone may benefit from liposuction. Ultrasonic lipoplasty is an advanced liposuction technique that will also stimulate neck skin tightening.


The most common aging change affecting the neck is hanging skin, affectionately known as the “turkey neck”. In addition, loose muscles can contribute to the “gobbler” or wattle.


A muscular sling in the neck that is tight in youth but begins to separate as we age is called the platysma. The separation in this muscle causes two ridges that define the neck bands of age. A common treatment to correct this separation is to sew these bands together with a small incision under the chin.


A unique, less invasive, operation performed by our office is to combine neck muscle repair with ultrasonic lipoplasty for skin tightening in carefully selected patients. We were privileged to present this procedure last year to plastic surgeons in the U.S., Europe and Asia.


The gold standard for neck rejuvenation however, continues to be the conventional face and neck lift. The procedure allows for redraping of the cheeks, jawline jowls and neck in a more even and complete fashion. The anatomy of this area is complex, therefore a thorough consultation with a plastic surgeon experienced in face and neck surgery is required.


Many options exist for rejuvenation of the neck and lower face. The procedures can be safe and effective in proper hands. The plastic surgeon, facility and anesthesia all play an important role in the outcome. Cost should never outweigh quality, experience and safety. Happy Thanksgiving.



About the Doctor:


Dr. Perez has been selected among Castle Connolly/U.S. News and World Report’s America’s Top Doctors. He has lectured internationally on face and neck rejuvenation surgery and has been featured as a plastic surgery expert for major media outlets. Surgery is performed at the Broward Health Weston facility with physician anesthesiologists.

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The Forty-Something Facial Freshen-up: Are You Ready?

The appeal of plastic surgery spans age groups from teens to seniors. Although not always the case, certain procedures such as nose reshaping and breast surgery apply to younger patients. Older candidates typically seek procedures to address aging issues.


Forty is a magic number for many of us. In our practice, one of the most common reasons listed for seeking plastic surgery consultation is “turning 40”. Legendary comedian Jack Benny remained at his trademark “39” for decades!


Patients in their forties present a unique and interesting demographic subset. Breast and body contouring procedures are popular among the “Mommy Makeover” group (that’s next month’s column).   In addition, forty is the age when many patients begin to first notice the signs of facial aging. Skin care. facial lasers and injectables are very popular.


Among the more common surgical procedures that appeal to forty-somethings are eyelid tucks, cheek lift and neck firming. These 3 procedures, each performed by us in under an hour, can offer a natural, fresher look with a rapid recovery and a high degree of patient satisfaction.



The Eyes Have It

Eyelid changes by age 40 may include extra upper lid skin and lower lid bags. The eyelid tuck procedure known as a cosmetic blepharoplasty, popular among both men and women, address these problems effectively. The results are usually a more rested, less angry and tired look, to the face. Blepharoplasty is the most common facial surgical procedure.


Face Time

Full face and neck lift remains the gold standard for facial rejuvenation. Nationally, most of these patients are in their mid-40’s-mid-60’s, although in South Florida we see patients well into their 70’s and 80’s.


A less invasive alternative to full face lift that appeals to the forty-somethings is the isolated cheek firming. Lifting the cheek and jawline can be done with a small incision “mini” face lift. Although they come by many catchy names, including the “lunchtime” lift, and others, these “mini” or mid-face lift procedures effectively freshen the cheek and jawline with natural, not pulled, results.


Up To Your Neck Yet?

A third area of rejuvenation is the neck. Some patients first notice the effects of aging when they can pinch the skin under the neck. For these patients, an isolated neck tightening procedure is a great option. Loose skin, fat and muscle can contribute to the extra wattle. They can all be addressed through a small incision under the chin.


Our preference is to add advanced ultrasonic treatment to achieve greater tightening of the neck skin. We were recently honored to present our unique isolated neck rejuvenation technique at international plastic surgery congresses in Greece and Korea.



Turning 40 may be a major milestone but with the many skin care and surgical options available today at least the signs of aging can be delayed. The three surgical procedures we’ve outlined here take relatively little time and offer a rapid recovery with a high degree of satisfaction when patients fully understand the risks and benefits. However, as with all plastic surgery, a skilled surgeon, a safe facility, and a competent anesthesiologist are key to a successful outcome.


About the Doctor:


Dr. Perez has been selected among Castle Connolly/U.S. News and World Report’s America’s Top Doctors (again for 2012-2013). He has lectured internationally and been featured as a plastic surgery expert for major media outlets. Surgery is performed at the Broward Health Weston facility.

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It’s Spring. Time for a Lift? Face, that is. (Original Article)

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Spring is that time when we like to freshen things up. The options to freshen our appearance seem endless and often confusing. Lasers, peels, fillers and other “non-surgical” choices often compete with the more traditional surgical procedures. However, just like an artist chooses the right colors for his canvas, the plastic surgeon must guide the patient to choose the right treatment for the desired effect.

The last decade has seen an explosion of fillers used to treat facial wrinkles. In addition, it seems every day we hear another slick “lift” procedure advertised that promises dramatic results with minimal down time. It is more important now than ever for patients to seek honest, competent advice from multiple practitioners versed in the whole array of treatment options.

I like to evaluate the facial rejuvenation patient by dividing the face into thirds. We start at the top by examining the forehead and eyebrows. If the brows are below the rim of the bone, or if the patient is bothered by significant forehead wrinkles, a forehead/brow lift procedure may be indicated. I have a high threshold for recommending this procedure however, since these patients can look overdone and surprised. Botox offers a simple alternative for forehead wrinkles. It works well but is temporary and expensive.

The middle third of the face are the eyelids. If the eyes are the windows of the soul, then the eyelids are the curtains that allow us enjoy the view. They are truly the most expressive part of the face and the first place we notice our age. Usually by age 40 most of us have aging changes around the eyes. The upper lids develop excess skin causing hooding.  The puffy bags on the lower lids create a tired look.

The procedure of choice to correct tired eyelids is the eyelid tuck or blepharoplasty. It is a commonly performed surgery with a very high degree of patient satisfaction. It is one of my personal favorites to perform and is the most commonly performed aging procedure for men. The procedure takes 45 minutes and patients soon enjoy a refreshed and less tired look.

The lower third of the face includes the area of the cheeks, jawline and neck. As we age the skin and other tissues sag from the underlying bony structures. In addition, wrinkles in the skin, often affected by smoking and sun exposure, contribute to the facial aging changes. The two problems should be treated differently. Facial laxity is treated by surgical face and neck lift procedures, while skin changes are best addressed by injectable fillers or topical treatments such as peels and lasers.

Although highly advertised under many catchy terms, surgical facelift procedures generally fall into two categories, mini and full. A mini-facelift is best suited for patients in their 40’s or younger who just want to freshen the cheek and jawline. The advantage is that it is quick procedure with a rapid recovery. My preference for isolated mild neck fullness is a less invasive, unique ultrasonic liposuction tightening procedure.

The patient for traditional face and necklift is in her late 40’s and older with laxity of the jawline and neck, often with turkey-like banding. Combined with eyelid surgery, the procedure often produces dramatic results and can reduce the aging appearance by decades. It is another one of my favorite procedures to perform.

As with all procedures, an honest consultation with a reputable and experienced physician is the best place to customize an individual treatment plan.

June is Dad’s Turn: Men and Plastic Surgery (Original Article)

June is the month we honor our dads so it’s fitting that it should be the issue where we discuss plastic surgery for men. Although men are more discrete about plastic surgery they do represent about 10-20% of all cosmetic surgery patients. There are certain surgical procedures that are particularly common among men. Here are the most popular:


Eyelids — Eyelid rejuvenation, or blepharoplasty, is among the most common cosmetic procedures performed on men. Usually by age forty we start to notice the signs of aging. The eyelids are the first place where those telltale facial features appear. The upper eyelids develop excess skin. In severe cases even blocking peripheral vision. The treatment involves removing the extra skin and usually a small amount of fat.


The lower eyelid “bags” are usually caused by excess fat pockets or thickened muscle. Other conditions can contribute to lower eyelid puffiness, including salt intake and allergies, but these are not corrected by surgery. Nevertheless, upper and lower eyelid blepharoplasty is a common procedure with a very high degree of satisfaction. It creates a refreshed, rested and more youthful overall appearance to the face.


Face & Neck — The face and neck are also areas of interest to aging men. Neck laxity in particular is a common complaint among men. It’s that occasional profile photo that prompts men to grab the wattle under the chin and head to the plastic surgeon.


Rejuvenation of the face and neck can range from limited incision ultrasonic neck lift lipoplasty to mini-lift to conventional full face and neck lift. The choice of procedures depends upon the patient’s individual skin tone, goals and tolerance of scars.


Body Contouring — Liposuction and other body contouring procedures are also not the exclusive domain of women. Men seek improvement in their shape as well, although typically in different areas of the body.


There are two common areas for body contouring in men. These are the abdomen and flanks, affectionately known as the “love handles,” and the male breast. Diet and exercise are great ways to maintain weight and stay well toned. However, sometimes stubborn areas of fat accumulation remain. In men it’s usually around the waistline.


Gynecomastia, a unique condition of abnormal breast tissue growth can also affect men, both young and old. Liposuction, especially ultrasonic lipoplasty, is a well suited treatment for these areas.

Procedures, including post-bariatric weight loss surgery, Botox, injectables, hair replacement and others are also increasingly common among men.