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A Valentine’s Special: Sweethearts’ Plastic Surgery

            Pairs’ plastic surgery is more common than might be expected. Patients often find themselves coordinating procedures with their closest support members. Over the past twenty years we have welcomed simultaneous plastic surgery combinations for siblings, friends, parent-child, significant other (his-hers, his-his, her-hers) and more.


Valentine’s month is therefore appropriate to discuss sweetheart plastic surgery. These procedures are commonly performed for both men and women.


Refresh the Eyelids


            Men and women both begin to first notice aging changes   around the eyes. The tired, heavy look is a combination of extra upper eyelid skin and lower eyelid bags. The lower lid bags are mainly small fat pockets that can be removed for a fresher, more rested appearance. Other factors, such as high blood pressure, salt intake and certain diseases can also contribute to puffy eyes.


Upper eyelid skin can cause hooding that adds to the tired look. The correction is performed by removing the extra skin and a small amount of fat. The combination of upper and lower eyelid tuck can create a dramatic difference in the overall facial youthfulness.



Neck Lift


Another area that commonly concerns men and women is the laxity of skin, fat and muscle under the jawline. Men often come for consultation pinching the waddle under the chin. Although women often opt for full face and neck rejuvenation, men sometimes prefer the less invasive necklift procedure.


We favor the use of ultrasound with neck tightening procedures. Combined with eyelid surgery, the procedure often produces dramatic results and can reduce the aging appearance by decades.



Body Sculpting


Men are usually more discrete about their desire for body contouring procedures but are nonetheless eager and willing participants. Ultrasonic body sculpting typically produces less pain and a rapid recovery, which makes it ideal for men.


The main difference between men and women is in the areas for liposculpting. Men want improvement in the belly and love handles, while women often target the thighs as well. In addition, a unique body sculpting area for men is the breast for a condition called gynecomastia. Ultrasonic is especially useful for this purpose.


Valentine’s reminds us that pair’s plastic surgery can be a unique experience for couples to share. Advantages can even include togetherness during recovery. As always, consultation with a plastic surgeon experienced in the full range of procedures is important. Happy Valentine’s!




About the Doctor:


Dr. Perez has been selected among Castle Connolly/U.S. News and World Report’s America’s Top Doctors. He has lectured internationally on facial rejuvenation and body contouring topics and has been featured as a plastic surgery expert for major news outlets. Dr. Perez was an original investigator for Ultrasonic Liposuction studies and has been performing the procedure for 15 years. For more information call (954) 351-2200 or visit


New Year, New You: 5 Plastic Surgery Procedures to Start the New Year

            It’s resolution time again. Exercise, weight reduction and improving our appearance are always high on the list of objectives for the new year. Here are 5 popular plastic surgery procedures that produce a valuable, big-bang-for-the-buck change to begin the journey. The procedures featured here are very popular and offer a significant change with a high degree of patient satisfaction.


Eyelid Tuck


            The first place aging becomes evident is around the eyes. If the eyes are the windows of the soul, then the eyelids are the curtains that allow us enjoy the view. The upper lids develop excess skin causing hooding.  The puffy bags on the lower lids create a tired look.


The procedure of choice to correct tired eyelids is the eyelid tuck or blepharoplasty. It is one of my personal favorites to perform and is the most commonly performed aging procedure for men. The procedure takes 45 minutes and patients soon enjoy a refreshed and less tired look.



Face/Neck Lift


Facelift territory includes the area of the cheeks, jawline and neck. As we age the skin and other tissues sag from the underlying bony structures. Although highly advertised under many catchy terms, surgical facelift procedures generally fall into two categories, mini and full. A mini-facelift is best suited for patients in their 40’s or younger who just want to freshen the cheek and jawline.


The patient for traditional face and necklift is in her late 40’s and older with laxity of the jawline and neck, often with turkey-like banding. Combined with eyelid surgery, the procedure often produces dramatic results and can reduce the aging appearance by decades.



Breast Augmentation or Breast Reduction


Breast augmentation surgery is the most commonly performed surgical procedure in plastic surgery. Women choosing breast implant surgery want to achieve greater fullness and cleavage and fit their clothing more naturally. Many implant options exist and attention to detail is important. Breast augmentation is also one of the most commonly re-done procedures so women should carefully choose a compatible surgeon based upon credentials and experience.


Women who experience neck and back pain from heavy pendulous breasts can achieve a significant lifestyle improvement with breast reduction. Breast reduction can improve exercise tolerance, as well as lead to weight reduction and greater overall fitness.


Tummy Tuck



            Pregnancy or weight loss can create changes in a woman’s abdominal skin and muscles. In these cases, the procedure of choice is an abdominoplasty, also known as a tummy tuck. Tummy tuck surgery results in a substantial removal of excess skin and stretch marks, as well as tightening of the muscles. The result is a remarkable improvement in the belly with a very high degree of satisfaction.


Regardless of where you choose to start, these procedures, in the hands of a skilled surgeon, can produce dramatic results and patients who are among the happiest in plastic surgery. Bon voyage.


About the Doctor:


Dr. Perez has been selected among Castle Connolly/U.S. News and World Report’s America’s Top Doctors. He has lectured internationally and been featured as a plastic surgery expert for major news outlets. Dr. Perez is a member of the National Council of Leaders in Breast Aesthetics and was selected as a principal investigator for a national FDA-approved study on abdominoplasty. For more information call (954) 351-2200 or visit


It’s Thanksgiving: Time To Deal With The Turkey…Neck

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Jorge A. Perez, M.D., F.A.C.S.

            One of the most common areas requested for plastic surgery improvement by both women and men is the neck. Youth and attractiveness are defined by a strong jawline and a firm, clean neckline.


The aging process in the neck usually starts by age 40 and is affected by several components: the skin, bones and cartilage, and the underlying soft tissue, including the muscles and fat. Treatment options will depend upon the correct evaluation of each of these elements.


Jaw surgery or chin implants can help compensate for a bony profile deficiency. These procedures however can be complicated and should be approached cautiously with experienced surgeons.


Younger patients with excess neck fat alone and good skin tone may benefit from liposuction. Ultrasonic lipoplasty is an advanced liposuction technique that will also stimulate neck skin tightening.


The most common aging change affecting the neck is hanging skin, affectionately known as the “turkey neck”. In addition, loose muscles can contribute to the “gobbler” or wattle.


A muscular sling in the neck that is tight in youth but begins to separate as we age is called the platysma. The separation in this muscle causes two ridges that define the neck bands of age. A common treatment to correct this separation is to sew these bands together with a small incision under the chin.


A unique, less invasive, operation performed by our office is to combine neck muscle repair with ultrasonic lipoplasty for skin tightening in carefully selected patients. We were privileged to present this procedure last year to plastic surgeons in the U.S., Europe and Asia.


The gold standard for neck rejuvenation however, continues to be the conventional face and neck lift. The procedure allows for redraping of the cheeks, jawline jowls and neck in a more even and complete fashion. The anatomy of this area is complex, therefore a thorough consultation with a plastic surgeon experienced in face and neck surgery is required.


Many options exist for rejuvenation of the neck and lower face. The procedures can be safe and effective in proper hands. The plastic surgeon, facility and anesthesia all play an important role in the outcome. Cost should never outweigh quality, experience and safety. Happy Thanksgiving.



About the Doctor:


Dr. Perez has been selected among Castle Connolly/U.S. News and World Report’s America’s Top Doctors. He has lectured internationally on face and neck rejuvenation surgery and has been featured as a plastic surgery expert for major media outlets. Surgery is performed at the Broward Health Weston facility with physician anesthesiologists.

To schedule a consultation with Dr. Perez call (954) 351-2200. To learn more about any of these procedures visit


The Forty-Something Facial Freshen-up: Are You Ready?

The appeal of plastic surgery spans age groups from teens to seniors. Although not always the case, certain procedures such as nose reshaping and breast surgery apply to younger patients. Older candidates typically seek procedures to address aging issues.


Forty is a magic number for many of us. In our practice, one of the most common reasons listed for seeking plastic surgery consultation is “turning 40”. Legendary comedian Jack Benny remained at his trademark “39” for decades!


Patients in their forties present a unique and interesting demographic subset. Breast and body contouring procedures are popular among the “Mommy Makeover” group (that’s next month’s column).   In addition, forty is the age when many patients begin to first notice the signs of facial aging. Skin care. facial lasers and injectables are very popular.


Among the more common surgical procedures that appeal to forty-somethings are eyelid tucks, cheek lift and neck firming. These 3 procedures, each performed by us in under an hour, can offer a natural, fresher look with a rapid recovery and a high degree of patient satisfaction.



The Eyes Have It

Eyelid changes by age 40 may include extra upper lid skin and lower lid bags. The eyelid tuck procedure known as a cosmetic blepharoplasty, popular among both men and women, address these problems effectively. The results are usually a more rested, less angry and tired look, to the face. Blepharoplasty is the most common facial surgical procedure.


Face Time

Full face and neck lift remains the gold standard for facial rejuvenation. Nationally, most of these patients are in their mid-40’s-mid-60’s, although in South Florida we see patients well into their 70’s and 80’s.


A less invasive alternative to full face lift that appeals to the forty-somethings is the isolated cheek firming. Lifting the cheek and jawline can be done with a small incision “mini” face lift. Although they come by many catchy names, including the “lunchtime” lift, and others, these “mini” or mid-face lift procedures effectively freshen the cheek and jawline with natural, not pulled, results.


Up To Your Neck Yet?

A third area of rejuvenation is the neck. Some patients first notice the effects of aging when they can pinch the skin under the neck. For these patients, an isolated neck tightening procedure is a great option. Loose skin, fat and muscle can contribute to the extra wattle. They can all be addressed through a small incision under the chin.


Our preference is to add advanced ultrasonic treatment to achieve greater tightening of the neck skin. We were recently honored to present our unique isolated neck rejuvenation technique at international plastic surgery congresses in Greece and Korea.



Turning 40 may be a major milestone but with the many skin care and surgical options available today at least the signs of aging can be delayed. The three surgical procedures we’ve outlined here take relatively little time and offer a rapid recovery with a high degree of satisfaction when patients fully understand the risks and benefits. However, as with all plastic surgery, a skilled surgeon, a safe facility, and a competent anesthesiologist are key to a successful outcome.


About the Doctor:


Dr. Perez has been selected among Castle Connolly/U.S. News and World Report’s America’s Top Doctors (again for 2012-2013). He has lectured internationally and been featured as a plastic surgery expert for major media outlets. Surgery is performed at the Broward Health Weston facility.

To schedule a consultation with Dr. Perez call (954) 351-2200. To learn more about any of these procedures, or to view our recent ABC News “Seniors and Cosmetic Surgery” segment, featuring Dr. Perez visit


10 Questions Every Plastic Surgery Patient Should Ask

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About the Surgeon:

Question 1: Are you certified by The American Board of Plastic Surgery? Then call the Board to verify at 1-800-635-0635 or visit to confirm.

Question 2: Where did you obtain your plastic surgery training? Training programs in plastic surgery affiliated with medical schools are generally regarded as the best.

Question 3: What percentage of your practice is dedicated to aesthetic surgery? Many plastic surgeons concentrate on other areas of specialization, such as burns, reconstruction, or hand surgery. Also, plastic surgeons who focus on lasers, injectables and fillers often do so because their surgical procedure practice is not busy.

Question 4: How many times per year do you perform this operation?

Question 5: At which local hospitals to you have privileges to perform this procedure? Even if surgery is performed in the office, the surgeon should have at least one hospital as a backup. Then call the hospital’s medical staff office to verify the privileges.

Question 6: Who responds to patients’ questions or problems after hours and on weekends? Does someone else answer the page? The relationship with your plastic surgeon only starts on the day of surgery. You want to know that you can reach the doctor if an emergency arises. Try calling on a Saturday afternoon before surgery to see how difficult it is to get through.

About the Facility:


Question 7: Where will the operation be performed? (Hospital? Outpatient Surgical Center? Office?) Many reputable surgeons choose to operate in their office. However, sometimes this is a tip off that the doctor does not have hospital privileges.

Question 8: If the operation is done right in the office, what happens if there is a problem during surgery? Is there enough backup staff and equipment? There is no mandatory certification of office surgery in Florida. It is up to the facility to maintain its staff, equipment and procedures up-to-date in case of emergency.

Question 9: May I see the operating room? If it is not possible right now, make an appointment to come back when it is convenient. Don’t take no for an answer. It if doesn’t look safe, run, don’t walk, to the exit.

Note: Plastic surgery clinicsoften boasta “Certified Facility”, even though they are merely on-the-premises office operating rooms. They are cheaper and more convenient for the surgeon/owner. However, the problem with these facilities is: 1) Backup (see Question 8) and 2) Accountability (independent ambulatory surgery centers have strict peer review processes that ensure quality care. Private offices typically have no such patient safeguards.)

About the Anesthesia:

Question 10: Who will be administering the anesthesia and what are his/her credentials? (A doctor, a nurse, the plastic surgeon?) The anesthetist is an important and integral part of the safety and comfort the patient will experience during the surgery.